MT-ViKI Booth 7M24 for HK China Sourcing Fair 11~14 Apr. 2019

2019-12-19 17:11:17

Guangdong MT-ViKI ElectronShiteic Technology Co., Ltd. will participate in the Global Sources Exhibition at Hong Kong Expo from April 11th to April 14th.



Address: Asia World – Expo Hong Kong
Show time: 11th to 14th Apr.
Booth no. 7M24


With the continuous development of science and technology, MT-VIKI maintains the pace of the times and constantly develops new products, but does not give up maintaining and upgrading existing products. The products range is very complete, including KVM switches, splitter, extenders, switches, converters, switch and splitter, matrix switch, cable and other products. And at this show, we will show you some of the products and you will see several of our new products.


1. 4K@60Hz repeater.

This 30m 4K@60Hz repeater can transmit HDMI signal up to 30m. You only need use 24# HDMI cable, get Ultra high definition image



2. HDMI wireless KVM extender(MT-EDW150-U)

This HDMI KVM extender consists of low time-delay wireless HD audio video Transmitter(TX) and wireless Receiver(RX).

TX is a wireless audio and video stream transmitting device. It can transmit the HD audio video stream( such as computer, Blue-ray, DVA, Game signal(Xbox, Playstation)) by Wifi format.

RX is a wireless audio and video stream receiving device. It can receive the audio video stream signal by Wifi from TX, and play at time, display HDMI signal. And support USB/ IR return function between RX and TX.


3. Automatic VGA switcher

The 8 port VGA switch with audio can control 8 PC s signal via 1 set of monitor or projector and speaker. That support 350MHz bandwidth, and the DDC function let this 8 in 1 out VGA switch support a various of VGA monitor. The resolution up tp 2048*1536. And you can switch the port via RS232, IR remote and push button. This VGA switch also support auto-detection and auto-scanning.


4. picture HDMI video wall

The HDMI video wall is a simple four-screen splicing processor that enables four-screen splicing or single-screen display with one button. It adopts unique embedded hardware design, can accept various image signal source input and is divided, amplified, real-time distortion-free HDMI output, the process is completely hardwareized, no need for computer and startup software, it is very simple. The basic function is to divide and enlarge the externally input HDMI signal into a full-screen image, and then output the splicing display directly to the terminal display device from the four HDMI outputs.


5. Powerful distributed matrix KVM extender

Distributed matrix KVM extender is our distributed matrix KVM system (Note: The whole system includes transmitter (TX and receiver (RX), MT-VIKI multi-distributed manager) signal receiver, integrated ultra-high resolution Video signal, USB, IR, RS232, analog sound, digital sound and GPIO receiving technology, all technologies are based on Ethernet digital packet parsing, video support up to 4K@30Hz, 1920x1200P@60 (VESA) and 1920*1080P@60 (VIC). There are optical fibers (100 km) or RJ45 interfaces (up to 180 meters) between individual nodes. The two modes receive signals and can be extended into a multi-functional distributed matrix KVM agent system in conjunction with MT-VIKI's multi-distributed management host.

User-friendly design, the receiver includes seamless switching of mouse roaming, local hotkey hot swap, OSD menu, extended touch screen and physical buttons, from the simplest point-to-point extension to many-to-many distributed matrix KVM The agent system realizes all information interconnection, intercommunication and mutual control.