VGA extender applied for highway electronic screen advertising especially the sincerity and carefulness to customers

2019-12-19 15:25:07

The VGA extender can resolve the problem of the vga signal may have image ghosting or color abnormality when the transmission distance is long. VGA extender is a signal transmission system that integrates VGA signal conversion, distribution, drive, receiving and restoration functions. It is designed to meet the requirements of the transmission of high quality VGA video signals in system in network flat panel display and large screen wall display advertising engineering, industrial automation control, medical equipment, security monitoring, multimedia teaching etc system.


Case description:

More and more advertising screens and LED screens appear on the road. Thanks to the birth of various extenders, the extender can not only realize long-distance video transmission, but also control the video play via keyboard or mouse in the office and projection room. Convenient and efficient, real-time transmission.

The advertising screen of the Highway section adopts the MT-VIKI's 300-meter VGA extender. Through stable and efficient transmission, the majority of riders can see the information in response.

Everyone knows that to achieve a stable transmission of 300 meters, the case needs to be overcome:

1. The use of highways is sure to face the test of “wind and rain” and “dust flying”.

2, rain and wind blowing is a common thing, but also to resist the test of lightning, in order to ensure the safe and stable transmission every year.

3, in addition to the above 2 points, of course, the stability of the transmission, the clarity of the picture is also essential.

In addition to the road-related advertising screen, the VGA extender is widely used in video transmission, stage display, information release, large-screen wall display advertising engineering industrial automation control, medical equipment, security monitoring, multimedia teaching, etc. And so on system engineering.


MT-VIKI's  300m VGA extender MT-300T


Product features:

1. MT-VIKI's VGA extender is based on imported chips, and with 16-year optimization technology allows the product to be output stably in any environment.

2. Our 300m VGA extender uses CAT5 cable's three pairs of twisted pair to complete the SNR, VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA RGBHV signal balanced codec, and uses long-range high-frequency compensation and weight processing, bandwidth up to 700MHz. It is easy to reach 450MHz under a fixed 2db gain.

3. This 300m VGA extender has excellent transmission quality, no tailing, no ghosting, full metal casing, anti-static, lightning protection, anti-interference function, and easy to use, plug and play, support all operating systems in the market .

Connection Diagram:


Case product application occasions:

It is widely used in the display system engineering of securities, finance, electric power, transportation, stage display, information release, large-screen curtain wall display advertising engineering industrial automation control, medical equipment, security monitoring, multimedia teaching.