The combined LED KVM switch is a new computer room server control platform. The traditional four-in-one LCD KVM is an inseparable whole, the weight is about 25KG, which is very heavy. It needs two people to complete the installation. The cable between the display terminal and the KVM is pulled by the tank chain with a set of harnesses, which is very complicated and easy to get stuck. Maintenance must be disassembled, the transportation is fragile and the cost is high.

The new combined LED KVM eliminates the drawbacks of traditional KVM, and the KVM module and the screen display operator can be easily separated from the rack tray. Installation can be done easily by one person, maintenance upgrade, only need to easily disassemble the KVM module or the screen display terminal, and it can be completed in 3 seconds. Since many parts are made of aluminum and foldable, transportation is very convenient.

This series of KVM control platform has the characteristics of improved efficiency, simple use, easy management, cost saving, remote management, environmental protection and energy saving. Its height is 1U, conforms to the 17-story structure, and saves more than 85% of the cabinet's use space. The aluminum shell is easy and convenient to carry in and out at any time, and has good anti-corrosion and heat dissipation functions.






Package List:

1* 17inch 8 port LED KVM Switch

1* User manual

1* DC 12V Power Adapter

4* 1.5m KVM Cable( VGA+ USB to VGA)

4* 1.8m KVM Cable( VGA+ USB to VGA)

2* Mounting Rack

Carton picture:

Multilayer protection