MT-ED06 200m HDMI Extender with IR

HDMI Extender 200m can extend the HDMI signal up to 200m via a single Cat5e cable.

This HDMI 200m extender extends HD signal up to 200 meters with a CAT 5e/6 cable, and resolution up to 1080P. It not only breaks the limitation of the transmission length of HDMI cable, but also is more convenient and flexible, and saves cost for all customers. The equipment provides solutions for applications such as noise, transmission distance and safety restricted place, date center control, information distribution, conference room presentation and teaching environment and company training venue. 

This is a device that transmits HD audio and video over a LAN using standard TCP/IP protocol, it can transmit HDMI HD video of your DVD, player, computer and other devices through CAT 5e/6 cable up to 200 meters, at the same time, it is convenient to transmit HDMI HD audio and video signals by means of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and cascading.


  • Support one to one, one to many and unlimited extender over router or network switcher

  • Standard and international 802.3 Ethernet standard

  • Support infrared expansion, you can use IR control to control the set-top box or Blu-ray DVD at the receiving station

  • Pure hardware design, plug and play, no need extra software.


One to one:


One to many:


Unlimted Extender:


Installation requirements:

1, HDMI signal generator with HDMI interface (like computer graphics, DVD, PS3, High-end monitoring equipment, etc.).

2, SD or HD TV and projector with HDMI interface.

3, Unshielded or shielded Category 5 / Category 6 network cable (UTP/STP Cat5e/6).

4, Add routers or use LAN to extend the requirement for cable length between cascading.

CAT5E  120 meter

CAT6  200 meter

5, Cat5e/6 support IEEE-568B standard. IEEE-568B sequential standard: 1-Orange white, 2-Orange, 3-Green white, 4-Blue, 5-Blue white, 6-Green, 7-Brown white, 8-Brown.


Remark: Press and hold the reset button for 2-3 seconds then release it, the display will show a black screen. At this time, the product is resetting, wait for a few seconds, the yellow light flashes quickly and the product is working.


Video resolution:



sampling frequency: 32KHz, 44.1KHz and 48KHz

Support infrared:

38KHz, NEC code

HDCP version:

HDCP 1.2

Input power:



Unshielded or shielded Category 5 / Category 6 network cable (UTP/STP Cat5e/6)

Cable transmission distance:

HDMI 1080P signal Up to 200 meter via CAT6

Increase the cable length of the routers cascading:

CAT5E: ≤120m

CAT6: ≤200m

Max power consumption:

HDMI Transmitter: 3W

HDMI Receiver: 3W

Operating Environment:

0℃- 70℃/ 10% - 80%RH (Non-Condensing)

Storage Environment:

-10℃- 80℃/ 5% -90% RH (Non-Condensing)

Package List:

1* 200m HDMI Extender Transmitter

1* 200m HDMI Extender Receiver

1* User manual

*2 DC5V Power Adapter

label: MT-ViKI