MT-9432MS 32 port Cat5 KVM Switch with Multi-user

32-Port cat5 KVM Switch support HDMI and VGA KVM modular, flexibility to add required equipment

Matrix KVM switch is an enterprise-class digital KVM  switcher. Provides BIOS-level access, allowing users to access and operate multiple servers. Local to the rack, BIOS-level control and operation can be provided for up to 64 servers and other IT devices through a local keyboard via a set of keyboards, monitors and mice. With integrated remote access, you can control the server at the same level through a web browser.The MT-VIKI product has multiple independent remote user access channels, each access channel does not affect each other, and concurrent access performance is excellent. The access delay is small and has a good user experience. The KVM matrix switch can be easily installed through standard UTP (CAT 5/5e/6) cables, greatly reducing the cost of wiring in the equipment room.


l1U standard rack mounting;

lDual power supply redundancy backup, automatic switching when there is a fault;

lDual (10/100/1000Mbps) adaptive Ethernet port, automatically switch when fault occurs;

lStandard UTP (CAT 5/5e/6) cable installation;

l32 server ports;

lSupport 2/4/8 remote users, 1 local user;

lSupport serial port configuration;

lSupport hardware reset button to restore factory settings;

lLED indicators such as user access, network connection and power supply;

lSupport CIM module such as USB, PS2, RS232 serial port

Software features:

The local user port uses a graphical interface (GUI) for easy operation and configuration;

Tailored for domestic customers, pure Chinese web and local operation interface;

Support remote firmware upgrades;

Optional video and HID data encryption technology;

The CIM module supports standard mode and absolute mode and supports absolute mouse synchronization.

Refine the operation rights of the port and manage the flexible user account rights;

Support different preemption levels and access sharing modes;

Provide system log records;

Support various servers and operating systems such as Mac and SUN;

Remote access supports various resolution modes up to 1920x1200@60Hz;

Support for virtual media.

Conection Diagram:




Produce Name

Digital KVM switch

Model Name


The number of Interface


Local user


Remote user



16/32/64xRJ45port  Need to connect the computer to the module


1920 x 1200

Console interface

1 local 1 remote/ 1 local 2 remote/ 1 local 4 remote/ 1 local 8 remote

IP console module

RJ45 interface10/100/1000M NetworkDB-9 Interface: connect MODEM or power managerUSB2.0 interfaceVirtual Media

Power number

2 pcs


Metal + fire grade ABS

Power input




Storage Temperature


Operation Temperature




DimensionLX W X H


label: MT-ViKI